Frequently Asked Questions

Our address is 5675 East Huntsville Rd., Fayetteville, AR 72701. Our office phone is 479-445-5497. We can get very busy and have limited staff, so please leave a message or just call back. If you leave a message we will call you back, but it may be several hours.

What's in the mulch?

The mulch is mostly ground hardwood, the waste from logging and tree trimming operations. The natural mulch is just ground trees with no additives. The black and dark brown mulches are dyed for color and as a result do not breakdown (rot) as quickly, but the color will slowly fade over time.

What's in the garden soil?

The garden soil mix we sell is mixed onsite. The mix is designed for landscape beds. The mix consists of screened topsoil, (not sterile, please see the topsoil FAQ), river sand, composted pine bark fines, cotton burr compost and pelletized dolomitic lime. If using for vegetable beds you will need to supplement with a nutrient-rich compost (mushroom) and/or fertilizer (Miracle Grow), especially for the first year.

What do I need to know about river sand?

River sand is dirty and has bits of all the stuff in rivers in it. It compacts well and makes a good base layer for above ground pools and as an additive to improve dense soils. River sand is usually a poor choice for sand boxes and masonry purposes.

Masonry sand is clean and washed and is used in concrete and mortar mixes. Masonry sand is available in bulk at Meek’s and Ridout (in Fayetteville) or in bags at the home centers.

Play sand is washed and screened to certain specifications for sand boxes and playgrounds and is available at the home centers.

Can I pick up products at your yard?

Yes, you can purchase all of our products at our store and we can load your vehicle or trailer. BRING A TARP! If your trailer has no sides, it will spill on the highway, and we don’t like sweeping the highway! Please be aware of the weight capacity or your equipment and realize that just because it will fit doesn’t mean you should try to haul it. A trailer with 4000 pounds of stone can weigh more than your vehicle and make it unsafe to stop or control. A second trip is always cheaper than a repair bill.

Can you put more than one item on a single delivery?

Yes and no. If you want your products to arrived in a mixed pile, then yes. If you need them to be separated, no. If you would like a custom soil mix with ingredients we stock, we can mix ahead of time for a charge of $50.00. Please call for more details.

What's in the topsoil?

Our topsoil comes from several local vendors who harvest from multiple locations around Northwest Arkansas. We usually purchase soil that has been screened. The screening process will generally remove roots, rocks, and grass clumps above a certain size.

SCREENED TOPSOIL IS NOT STERILE! There WILL be bits of grass, bits of root, small rocks, and seeds in the soil. If you need sterile soil mix, buy bagged products.

What's in the mushroom compost?

The mushroom compost contains – wheat straw, chicken litter, cotton seed meal, gypsum, urea, peat moss and lime. Depending on the batch the ratios may vary. Every batch is different due to season, temperature, batch age, etc. See a sample batch analysis report here. This analysis is of one batch, and each batch is unique. We do not test individual batches and there is no guarantee of actual content.

Do you deliver?

Yes, please see this map for our delivery area. As a rule, we do not travel north of Hwy 412. Please try Schwartz Stone in Springdale, they stock many similar products.

DELIVERY RULES: We require a mostly level, hard surface on which to place product. We are not allowed to place product on public streets. If you wish to have product placed in a location not on a drive or hard surface you MUST be present.

Under no circumstances shall White River Rocks be liable for any surface, lawn or utility damage. This includes cracked concrete, ruts in yard, broken irrigation heads or lines or overhead tree or utility damage. Our drivers have absolute discretion in driving and dump locations. Please have an alternate site for product placement in mind should complications arise.

Do you install the products you sell?

No. Please find a quality landscape contractor for your labor needs. Check with friends and neighbors for good references. Make sure to get an insurance certificate WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ON IT! This is known as a COI (certificate of insurance) and if your contractor can’t provide one then they are either lazy or not insured!