Flagstone, Rocks & Boulders

All of our rocks are available by the piece or pallet. Feel free to come pick and choose the right rocks for your projects. All rocks are sold by the pound. Every rock and pallet is different and our inventory changes weekly. Please visit our store to see our full inventory.

  • Flagstone comes in 4 thicknesses and 3 colors.
  • ½” flagstone should be used over a concrete base and mortored like tile.
  • 1” flagstone is good for either a mortored application or for light-duty areas such as walkways.
  • 2” flagstone is good for dry layed walkways or areas with higher usage or mower or ATV traffic.
  • Oversize slabs are large pieces of irregularly shaped flagstone up to 5’ long and 3’ wide. They can weigh over 400 pounds so plan to have help moving them.
  • Any use involving vehicles should be mortored on a concrete base or consider using a manufactured paver designed for vehicle traffic.


    • Chestnut – mostly light to medium browns and tans
    • Blue – mostly blue/gray with some black and purple streaks in some batches
    • Cherry – pale yellows and tans with some white and some pinkish hues